News flash….

News flash, I just saw the first squirrel flop from the roller feeder very exciting. He just flopped onto the snow… Too much fun… There must be 30-40 little birds around the feeder. The RollerFeeder out here has been thru, rain, hail, snow, high winds, high heat, -60 polar vortex, I moved 3 times, great…

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A neighbor who wants to order…

Hello…I recently ordered the Roller Feeder and find it is just what I was looking for!!! It works! .. I have a neighbor who wants to order one, but she doesn’t have a computer. Can she call you and place an order? Thank you. Sincerely, Nancy

That’s all she wrote

Hi, I bought one of your feeders and It’s worth every penny. It is terrific. The squirrels don’t even go near it now…they tried it a couple times and that’s all she wrote. I’m very happy with it. Thank you! Robert, Altoona Pennsylvania.

Finally No Raccoons!

I purchased your Roller Feeder from you a little over a year ago and it’s absolutely great! No gray squirrels, no red squirrels, and finally NO RACCOONS! It would be great if you adapted your Roller Feeder bin for a suet block with a mechanism to somehow snap open or slide open your cage for…

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I can’t believe it

Would like Polycarbonate hopper on my second feeder. Love the other Roller Bird Feeder I purchased. These things are really squirrel proof, I cant believe it. Steve, Ada Oklahoma (2nd Order Comments)