Products that do what they say they do!

Well, let’s hear about the products that you’ve bought that actually work! Did you buy it with the feeling that it probably wouldn’t work, and were amazingly surprised when it did??! I’ll start. I love feeding the birds – just love it. But I recently had to get rid of my pole-feeder due to bears and/or raccoons tearing it down I learned that you could still feed during the summer months as long as it wasn’t suet (I think that’s what drew out my “attacker”) and the hanger was at least 10 feet off the ground and 6 feet away from a tree trunk. But I feared that no matter what feeder I got to hang in a tree, squirrels would be its nemesis. I’ve heard all the claims and seen all the videos about feeders claiming to be squirrel-proof. I’ve seen the videos of the ones that use batteries and spin the squirrels off the bottom. And I’ve seen the videos of squirrels beating that system too. So, when I found this product, the RollerFeeder, I was dubious of its claims to be squirrel proof. But, after viewing some videos and really thinking about the product’s design, I figured I’d try it – especially with the guarantee it came with (capture video of a squirrel leisurely eating from it = money back and get to keep feeder). Not ONE squirrel has been able to feed from it – including the nimble, tiny, agile, light-weight red squirrel – MY nemesis The grey squirrels (five total) all tried to eat from it once, and that was it. The red squirrel tried two times, and that was it. My birds are happily eating, while the squirrels clean up the stuff that’s been dropped. This thing actually IS squirrel proof!! I HIGHLY recommend it (unless of course you want to feed the squirrels ).

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