News flash….

News flash, I just saw the first squirrel flop from the roller feeder very exciting. He just flopped onto the snow… Too much fun… There must be 30-40 little birds around the feeder.

The RollerFeeder out here has been thru, rain, hail, snow, high winds, high heat, -60 polar vortex, I moved 3 times, great design, just keeps on doing what it was designed for.

They have 2 main methods for tangling with the RollerFeeder…

  1. Grab the rail with their front paws, keeping their back legs on the vertical pole, once the RollerFeeder starts its tilt, they go away.
  2. Come at the RollerFeeder from the top, once they leave any vertical supports, they are hosed.
  3. One squirrel tried to jump at the RollerFeeder from the ground….it didn’t work

Very Cool!
Jack from Iowa

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