RollerFeeder Perches

Replacement of perches.

  • Due to large animal feeder problems including bear, raccoons, deer, large possum, and other large animals, perches are separated from the lifetime housing warranty. We rarely have issues with perches and if perches are bent by a large animal, most of the time they can be bent back into place with little effort.
  • The perches allow for some flex and up/down adjustment by lightly moving them in the direction you want to. They are best adjusted so the main landing section of the perch is horizontal with the ground or with slight angle up a few degrees.
  • If you have ongoing problems with large animals and they are damaging the perches on a regular basis, we have extra heavy-duty perches available for near our cost. The heavy duty perches are nearly twice as thick and rigid as the standard perches.
  • Email for the Heavy-Duty perches cost and our standard flat rate shipping to cover postage, packaging materials & handling, and trip to the post office.
  • To order only the Heavy-Duty perches fill out the order form (without selecting a feeder) and write Extra Duty Perches in the Comments Box of the order form. Also include the Color of the Perches you want either Gold or Moss Green.
  • During the first year of ownership, if you are having problems with the perches and it is not due to larger animals like raccoons, bear, deer, abuse etc. E-mail us a photo with explanation and we will review your request. See our warranty page for a full explanation of what is covered.