Where is Rollerfeeder made and assembled & Misc.

  • All Rollerfeeder squirrel proof bird feeder parts are Made in USA.
  • All Rollerfeeder assembly is in the USA.
  • We use over 25 U.S. suppliers to deliver a Rollerfeeder to a customer’s doorstep.
  • Rollerfeeder sources parts from the upper Midwest, Midwest, and Eastern United States.
  • Rollerfeeder is designed and made in Minnesota.
  • The original inventor and owner still runs the small company and designs all the parts for Rollerfeeder. Rollerfeeder has been in business since 1998.

Rain & Snow

  • We consider Rollerfeeder a rain proof bird feeder, the roof angle prevents all regular rain and it is effective under most stormy conditions. The benefit is the rain prevention feature is built-in and does not require an overhead dome which can cost $20-$30 or more.
  • Rollerfeeder will prevent snow in many conditions especially if the snow is dry and fluffy, we would consider Rollerfeeder snow resistant but not snow proof – see next comment.
  • Heavy Wet Snow 1: For wet heavy snow, if the snow is deep and heavy enough, the weight of the snow will turn the feeder since the snow is heavier than the counterbalance weight at the bottom of the feeder. If this condition occurs simply wipe the snow off with a broom or your hand and it will correct itself. Try to keep ahead of the snow build-up if you can.
  • Heavy Wet Snow 2: If you live in an area where heavy wet snow occurs often, the best defense is a cover above or hang in an area that provides natural cover, or under an overhang etc.

Parts – Suet Feeder Conversion

Steel seed hoppers are available to convert the suet feeder into a seed feeder. To order the seed hopper, write steel seed hopper in the comments sections of the order form – the cost is $14 plus shipping. The cost of the part is a couple dollar increase from our cost.