Use High Quality Bird Seed

Very whole sunflower Kernels Important: Use Whole Sunflower Kernels when starting a new feeder (Whole sunflower kernels are the inside seed kernel of black oil sunflower and it is the best seed).

Fill the seed hopper to the top so there is more seed for the birds to to see, birds use mostly sight for finding food and seed. Keep seed fresh, sometimes if birds don’t find or use a new feeder sunflower can go rancid in some humid environments in a couple weeks and birds will not feed due to the rancid seed, you can fill half full at a time also. After birds start visiting, the best seed choice is to mix black oil sunflower in the shell, some safflower seed, and high percentage of whole sunflower kernels, see below photo. Use the best seed because you are likely competing with the neighbors feeders, and birds will highly favor the best meal in the area. Also provide a variety of foods like seed and suet.

Avoid general purpose commerical seed mixes (a.k.a. grocery store seed) with high percentage of Millet seeds, Cracked Corn, Milo seed and other cheap fillers mixed in. Songbirds prefer higher quality sunflower seed, and the millet and other low quality seeds will produce poor results and attract Sparrows which will overwhelm the feeding area and attract also large nuisance birds like Blackbirds and Starlings.

Mix your Own Bird Seed without Cheap Fillers native songbirds will not feed from – See the reccommendation below from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology by the woodpecker chickadee photo. Important: If you have existing feeders or this is a replacement of an older feeder your birds have been using for a long time, they will favor these older feeders for a long time out of habit. It usually takes much longer for birds to change feeder types compared to starting out with a new feeder. If you’re having a slow start, let the existing feeders go dry and wait until the birds discover the new food source and use it for a few weeks.

Sunflower Hearts

Songbirds Favorite Seed – Sunflower Hearts.

Important From Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Tip About using Commercial Mixed Bird Seed

“We recommend that you avoid commercial mixtures that have a high percentage of less-appealing “filler” seeds, such as red milo, cracked corn, and millet. You can create your own seed mixes by combining any number of sunflower seeds. Seed mixes are generally preferred by birds visiting platform feeders. Mixed seed may also be spread on the ground. Try mixes containing millet, cracked corn, and sunflower seed to attract sparrows, juncos, doves, and quail.”

Bird Feeding Tips Video

Birds Feeding Using #2 Whole Sunflower Kernels – The Same Seed as Above Offered Seed.

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