Location, Location, Location

Very important (Tied with Bird Seed): Avoid wide open areas in your backyard, place your feeder near bird habitat shrubs-bushes, Pine trees, deciduous trees outdoor structures near bird cover where birds can escape from predators and preen while they are flying back and forth from the feeder and safe cover. Place the feeder in an undisturbed location in your yard away from traffic, noise & interruption. Birds will favor feeders that allow for more cover and a natural environment over feeders placed out in the middle of the yard with no cover.

X = 5 Best Locations for a bird feeder in this landscape plan. Locating a feeder in the open, or close to the house, or high traffic areas will likely reduce bird visits and take considerably longer to attract birds. The tree in the backyard with an X location should be surrounded by branches and not too high, see height below.

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