Without question or doubt the best bird feeders out there.

Indeed 100% squirrel proof.

Your design should win awards, seriously… “

It’s the dead of winter here in central Jersey, and it’s wonderful to be able to feed our non-migrating birds through the miserable, cold weather. And it’s even more wonderful that they get to eat all the food, and the squirrels don’t. I have 2 feeders, and both have been very active since I got them last summer. Like John from Massachusetts, my squirrels are also Ivy League-educated, and they figured out how to get into (and destroy) every other feeder I’ve had. But these defeat them— they learned VERY quickly that they would fall off, and they didn’t like it. The feeders are safe and intact, and the birds flock like mad for breakfast and lunch.

These are, without question or doubt, THE BEST bird feeders out there. They are also indeed 100% squirrel proof. I’m amazed, delighted, and I can’t praise you enough. I’ve also recommended RollerFeeders to many others. Your design should win awards, seriously. Essentially simple, but brilliant, I’m so glad I found you.
Long may you roll!

Thanks again, Margery – Princeton, NJ

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