They are wasting their time with this feeder

Thank-you for responding so quickly, I currently own one of your best seller models, and enjoy it immensely! I have determined that I need another feeder because there is not enough room for the birds that currently frequent the one feeder that is in place. The one feeder is mounted on a 4×4 post, and the next one will be mounted on the same post, just on the other side. Everyone that sees the feeder says that the design is genius, and although I have squirrels, they have learned that they are wasting their time with this feeder. My biggest problems are grackles and pigeons. They are also quickly deterred as well. So thank-you for a wonderful product. I have tried multiple feeders over the years, and have wasted countless dollars on bird seed, only to end up feeding the scrounger birds instead of the little birds. The Roller Feeder is the best feeder money can buy, and folks will quickly understand why, once they purchase one. So once again, thank-you for a wonderful product. Dave – Ogdensburg, New York

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