The 8 Squirrels to really get brave enough

I want to tell you that I hung my two seed feeders and suet feeder up Friday morning, and starting Saturday I have perched myself in front of my window starting at near dawn. It has taken several days for the 8 squirrels to really get brave enough to attack them, but yesterday and today they could not stop trying to get at it from all directions. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! WHY DOESN’T THE ENTIRE BIRD FEEDING WORLD KNOW ABOUT YOU? NEVER, NEVER STOP making these. What a superbly built, simple but brilliant device! It has been especially intriguing to watch the chickadees and finches discover the joy of feeding from the two new roller feeders. They sing out very excitingly which literally brings the angry squirrels from far distances to try AGAIN to conquer the feeders. What a hoot. Sincerely Martha, Chesapeake, Virginia.

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