I had major squirrel problems

I had major squirrel problems eating all the seed and destroying my feeders. Then I found Rollerfeeder and purchased one. No more squirrels and a lot of very happy birds. Thank you Rollerfeeder. Renee – Franklinton Louisiana

Birds-all kinds..squirrels-all defeated

We hung our new feeder under a roof overhang quite near a kitchen window. Possibly because of the location, it took several weeks before we got bird customers in any quantity, but the squirrels found the feeder in one day. Scorecard: birds-all kinds; squirrels-all defeated; customer-one very satisfied. Please add this letter to your testimonials.…

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It solved my problem with nuisance birds.

I love my Roller Feeder. Not only can the squirrels not get to the feed, but it solved my problem with nuisance birds. Nothing larger than a cardinal or small woodpecker even bothers to try anymore. The Roller Feeder has more than paid for itself in feed savings! Amy – Thompson’s Station, Tennessee

Four black bear attacks!

I’m pleased to share that my now 5-year old (?) roller feeder has survived without a blemish at least four black bear attacks! I’ve only had to reshape the hanger, which keeps getting stretched. Might even have to replace it eventually. When it was brought down, apparently with some force, the feeder must have just…

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My husband is amazed!..it Actually Works

The feeder is fabulous….it ACTUALLY WORKS with the little grey critters….you built a better – well, not a better mousetrap, a better squirrel proof feeder. My husband is amazed! It actually allows us to relax a little more, now that we’re not chasing squirrels out of/off of the feeder we replaced. We are now considering…

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Foils grey squirrels there too

This is my second feeder. I loved the first one so much I brought it back to my home in Idaho, it foils grey squirrels there too. Now I need a replacement at my lake cabin. Steve – Bemidji Minnesota (2nd order comments)

Really is squirrel proof, Really.

Finally!! A squirrel-proof bird feeder that really is squirrel proof!! Really. It’s hysterical to watch the squirrels try, and try again, for some of that tasty bird food – only to fail! So funny! Maureen – Danbury Connecticut