We LOVE this bird feeder…bully birds

Yes I ordered 2 sent to my house. We wanted another one and I ordered one for our neighbor as a house warming gift. She saw ours and loved it. The other one is to be sent to my husbands 89 year old aunt in New Hampshire. These are the most awesome bird feeders. We have tons of squirrels and they have been very creative with our prior feeders. If they couldn’t get on them they would chew the cord. Even wire didn’t stop them. It’s so amazing that they go all around the roller feeder and don’t even try to jump on. We also have a large population of huge Blue Jays, or, as my hubby calls them “bully birds. They still fly all around but they can’t keep the beautiful cardinals, robins, wrens, chickadees, mockingbirds, etc away from the feeder. The Blue Jays and Doves pick the scraps off the ground instead of hogging the feeder. We LOVE this bird feeder and it’s the first one we’ve seen that really IS squirrel proof. Thanks so much. Looking forward to having one in the front yard next! Debra – Golf Breeze Florida

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