We absolutely marvel….these wonderful feeders.

THANK YOU!!! We absolutely marvel over how smart you are as the designer of these wonderful feeders. My 95 year old aunt has a picture window in her family room that she looks out of all day. She had given up her love of feeding the birds because she was losing seed to the squirrels in every feeder we tried including “squirrel proof feeders” She claimed the squirrels she had could outsmart any design, and was reluctant to use it. Well, let me tell you… not only did your feeder keep them out, they don’t even come around anymore. It’s funny… now she hopes a squirrel will come. It was so much fun watching them fall off while trying to figure it out. Thank you for your wonderful feeder. It has certainly added to the quality of her life in the enjoyment she has in watching the birds flock to your feeder. Sherry – Bridgeton, NJ

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