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Literally, a squirrel proof bird feeder revolution, since 1998.



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Rollerfeeder 100% "Rain-poof bird feeder"

5 Built-In Features  |  3+ Less Products |  Battery Free  |  Squirrel Free Guaranteed

Besides squirrels & nuisance birds, wet seed is a bird feeders worst enemy.


Batterries & MotorsRain roof Outer Housing Dual PurposeSeed Catcher/Filling


Rollerfeeder Built-in Rain/all Weather Roof  - Total 100% Rain Effective.




Dry seed with no added cost.

Guaranteed squirrel proof solution

  • Built-in polycarbonate 100% rain-roof eliminates the need for extra cost rain domes.

  • Protects against rain even in stormy weather at a sharp angle.

  • Air flows side to side thru stainless steel mesh keeping seed dry, no condensation build-up.


Added rain dish or dome = added cost.

Rain Dome not required 

Saves $15.00-$30 or more.

Typical bird feeder rain dome or cover protection


  • Saves added cost from $15-$30 or more.

  • Dome provides limited angle of rain/weather protection.

  • Exposed seed ports/openings near middle or bottom during windy rain conditions.


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